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Do you have clients who don't really fit into the existing structures? Do you have "system crackers" in your care? Don't know how to continue working with clients?

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With us you will find the contact person for the infrastructure of the help. Our partner, AllVio gGmbH, looks after your customers in our facilities with our specialist staff. Don't wait any longer and find out more about AllVio gGmbH.

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Our offers of help comply with the legal requirements of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Austria and Switzerland.

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Our Service

Here is some information about the services we offer. Further information can be found on the following pages.

Our Buildings

Our buildings

We have single houses, single apartments, community houses and group accommodation in our offer. Furthermore, there is the possibility of accommodation in a mountain hut or in a forest house.

Our Fleet

Our fleet

We use various Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Starting with passenger cars up to large-capacity vans.

Our Employees

Our employees

We only employ technically qualified employees. This includes not only social pedagogues and home educators, but also therapists with specific specialist areas. Our service staff, such as chef and caretaker, also have qualified qualifications.

Our Accommodations

Our accommodations

Care is taken to ensure that all accommodation is age-appropriate. Our rooms are equipped according to the requirements, but we try to do justice to the needs of each individual. Individual equipment is not a problem.

Our Connection

Our connections

We have a number of contacts in the relevant ministries. Among others, we maintain close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Youth, the Ministry of Sport, the Ministry of Health and the Government

Our Additional Services

Our additional services

The following additional services can be booked directly:
- Animal-assisted therapies
- Psychotherapeutic treatments
- psychiatric treatments
- Psychological intensive treatments (standard care is included)
- learning support

Our Offices

Our Locations

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About AllVio

Our service is active in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia. The contact persons for the offer are based in Belgrade (Serbia) and Frankfurt/Main (Germany).   Support offer The individual pedagogical measures abroad in Bulgaria and Georgia offer children and young people whose social behavior is very challenging the chance for a new start. Removed from their previous environment, the young people are looked after individually by multicultural specialists in the respective countries. Imparting values and regaining the feeling of trust in relationships are part of the daily work. A stay usually lasts about a year. However, the measure is also conceivable as a crisis intervention when children and young people need a “time out” for a few weeks. There are currently 21 places. The children and young people live in houses with a large garden or in city apartments.   The aim is to change the destructive behavior of children and young people into prosocial behavior and to train practical skills and abilities that help and support long-term internalization into socially acceptable behavior. Our basic pedagogical understanding is based on a solution- and action-oriented approach. The individual strengths, resources and potential of the young people are systematically made aware, strengthened and used to deal with current problems.   In a multi-stage phase model, which begins with detailed preparation for the stay abroad involving all those involved, the children and young people are initially cared for in rurally structured locations in a less stimulating environment. Basic skills can be specifically developed through agricultural and domestic activities, supported by a constant caregiver with whom they live in a house or apartment. Contact with animals gives children and young people unencumbered access to their own emotions.   In the two following phases, the individual development is successively expanded according to the personal development pace with regard to one’s own abilities and skills as well as social skills. In addition, school attendance at their own school is resumed. In the last phase, the repatriation is prepared, initiated and already implemented in essential aspects of the subsequent life planning. The multi-professional care team paired with a tightly structured daily routine enables a trusting relationship and forms the basis for our care offer.   Services We provide support services in accordance with:
  • §§ 27, 34, 35  ff. SGB VIII
The range of support includes:
  • Assistance, support and support based on an overall plan process
  • Psychotherapy and psychological counseling by our own psychotherapists (if required)
  • Educational services based on individual assistance planning
  • Assistance in obtaining medical care from resident specialists and local clinics, as well as therapeutic services based on a doctor’s prescription from local providers
School attendance takes place at the respective locations in a separate school. This takes place in cooperation with a local regular school in Belgrade (German School Belgrade). The children and young people are accompanied when they attend school. Our range of support also includes:
  • Daily schedule offers
  • Offers for daily activities outside of the house
  • Offers for daily organization in the house
  • Accompaniment when attending school/training
  • Accompaniment of school attendance/training
  • Recreational offers
  • Leisure activities outside of the house
  • Leisure activities in the house
  • Assistance in maintaining and establishing contacts
  • Support in maintaining and establishing contacts
  • Practical life training (e.g. housekeeping training)
  • Accompanied holidays in small groups
Within the measure there is good and intensive cooperation with the local authorities and the respective village communities. They play a key role in the decision to accept the child or young person into the local community. Employees You will be supported and accompanied by specialist staff from nursing and/or educational professions. In addition, non-skilled workers are employed.
  • psychologists
  • psychiatrist
  • teacher
  • Handyman
Additional medical, psychological and other therapeutic professionals are consulted as needed.

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